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Hi! furious wave by nillemotes

LeaderPinhead is currently a student at university working on her useless bachelor's degree in English. She has been reading fanfiction since 2000, which means her age is beginning to catch up with her. She has hopped through different fandoms over the years, starting in anime such as Beyblade and Yu Yu Hakusho because the 90's spoiled her with Toonami, but currently resides in the Transformers fandoms because strange events that she doesn't even understand led her there. She refused to publish anything for the public to see until she graduated high school because college gave her more free time. Now college has sucked up all of her free time and left her with debt, anxiety, and an almost inescapable urge to procrastinate! Yay, college! :dummy: She also sometimes writes original stuff (but what does that matter because fanfiction is fun!). Why is she currently referring to herself in third-person? Because all professional writers* refer to themselves in third-person in their bios!

(*DISCLAIMER: LeaderPinhead is not a professional writer by any means. She has apparently just lost her mind and thinks she's being funny right now. ;P)

All of my projects have been put on a permanent hiatus for the moment because of a personal family issue.

Stories In-Progress Currently on Hiatus! 

Rise Chapter 4: :star-half::star-empty::star-empty:
Drone 2.0: Drone Harder Chapter 8: :star-half::star-empty::star-empty:

Rewrites In-Progress
Pint Sized Chapter 5: :star-empty:

Suggestions for Newcomers:

:bulletwhite: Pint Sized -- A Transformers fanfic about talking toys that blew up into a trilogy!
:bulletgreen: Drone and  Drone 2.0 -- A Transformers fanfic about a former Vehicon’s humorous venture to self-discovery.
:bulletyellow: Towerling -- A Transformers fanfic about Mirage’s origins.
:bulletred: Hypocritical Oath -- An IDW Transformers flash fic about Pharma.
:bulletpurple: Number One Fan -- A Transformers Prime/Animated crossover where Miko meets (Animated) Bulkhead.
:bulletblack: Tiny Spaces -- A Mass Effect flash fic featuring Jack and Grunt.
:bulletblue: Dancing Monkeys (Short Story): One of my favorite original short stories I've written (so far).

Shamrock Divider by Gasara
:spotlight-left:Daily Deviations Received::spotlight-right:

:pointr: Artificial Mind (Short Story)
:pointr: Days (Short Story)
:pointr: Sock Stealers (Short Story)


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I've been having a pretty busy week, so this update will be short and sweet. Wink/Razz 

Didn't get a lot done this month: basically I had to dedicate most of my brainpower to my classes and personal drama that seems intent on being dragged out as long as possible. Roll Eyes I did, however, get through one chapter rewrite for Pint Sized (I just have to proofread it one more time before posting that), and after nearly a year of being on the back burner, I finally started the next chapter of Rise (which, even if I only have a couple hundred words down right down, I'm actually liking so far--sassy Ratchet just makes my day~). Also posted my first ever nonfiction piece this month, and I don't think it turned out half bad. :P (Lick) 

Also, birds in Jane Eyre -- I swear every critical analysis I have to write about a novel just ruins any joy I may have found in reading the novel. XD 

What I Accomplished:

  Flight (Transformers WWP)
A Transformers Flash Fic
Prompt: Romance
Characters: Mirage, OC
Universe: G1 [Towerling AU]
Words: 789
Bullet; Blue Bullet; White Bullet; Blue 
    “Have you ever flown?”
    Mirage’s optics hardly winked in response to the Seeker’s questions. “What type of question is that?”
    “One of curiosity.” Solaris smiled brightly when Mirage sighed.  “Seriously though, have your feet always been stuck to the ground?”
    Mirage glanced around the crystal garden, as if to be sure no one was around to hear his answer, before he stiffly shook his head. “Of course not.”
    “Not even to visit one of the colonies for some rich vacation?”
    “I have never left Iacon.”
  Emergency Room (Nonfiction)    The crack against the floor was like the sound of a baseball cracking against a bat.
    The scream that followed was only expected, but the sound of your head hitting the tiled floor of the kitchen seemed to overshadow that horrible shriek. I could only stand by the chair you had stepped off of as you lay on the other side, a little eighteen-month-old expressing her pain and surprise in the only way she knew how.
    Daddy rushed in from the living room, and the way he jerked you off the ground cemented me back into reality. Your naturally curly blonde hair hid any damage, but the large tears that ran down your cheeks and the shriek renewing itself with each small breath tightened the ball of dread that rested in the pit of my stomach. Nothing could be done to stop your tears—not even Mama could help when she finally made it to the kitchen with the panic only a mother knows when she hears one of her children in pain.
  Celebrating Sacrifice (Transformers WWP)
Celebrating Sacrifice
A Transformers Flash Fic
Prompt: Celebration
Universe: G1
Characters: Prowl, Jazz
Word Count: 771
Bullet; Black Bullet; White Bullet; Black  
    Prowl ignored the grating noise seeping through the cracks of his door. His door-wings twitched a little in response to the low thrum of the noise, but otherwise he remained dutifully focused on the stack of data-pads in front of him. He checked off one patrol for the next cycle and moved on to the requisition form that had landed on his desk.
    He clutched the data-pad in his hand when the booming sounds shifted to a shrill pitch before dropping again.
    A few seconds later, Prowl’s door slid open, and he glared at the grinning mech who stepped through it. Jazz’s grin never fell, though Prowl’s glare intensified when the saboteur left

Feature for What I Liked This Month: 

   KTE: Optimus and the Matrix by Naihaan  The gift of life by kawacy  COME AND GET SOME by kawacy  Under the Sea by Naschi  Venomoth Garden - Poke Ball Terrarium by The-Vintage-Realm  Sora Kairi Kimi no na wa - by pun rii by Pun-Rii  MIKO! by Tojosaka666

Goals for March:

  • Post that Pint Sized rewrite. XD 
  • Write more nonfiction because another essay is due next week. Oh Noes! 
  • Stop staying up until 2 AM playing Dragon Age: Inquisition Dummy uuggh 


Lol I found some alternate endings to Pint Sized I've kept saved on my old computer, and the more I read, the happier I am with the final ending I chose. :XD:
That moment when you realize you have an 8 page paper due tomorrow morning and you've only managed to write 4 pages...after 2 days of writing. :ohnoes: 

And you've made yourself super jittery by consuming Starbucks' iced mochas. :stare:



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